Clandestine Press was built around a love for history, machinery and art – we come to the shop each day hungry for a new challenge on an old piece of equipment. The whole process is quite romantic, really (what is letterpress, anyway?) and we hope it strikes the same happy chord for you as it does for us to be a part of creating new art on a hunk of antique iron. (Click here to read about our presses!) Though we print primarily with photopolymer plates, Meredith learned to print using hand-set lead and wood type.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about letterpress is the impression- the letters leave a visible indentation in the paper that takes printing to the third dimension. The tactile quality of letterpress is so yummy you might have to stop yourself short of actually eating your business cards.



We are currently not taking in-house design work because we have so much printing to do! However, we are happy to help you find the perfect designer and work with them and with you as a team to make sure your final designs look incredible when printed.


Other Services-

We offer a number of other printing and finishing services in-house and also have established relationships with outside vendors for services you may want to include in your project. Below is a list of what we can offer, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for here- just ask! There’s a pretty good chance we can do it or have it done for you. When we use outside vendors, we are guaranteeing their work and we do 100% of the communication, ordering, troubleshooting and final quality control.

In house:

  • Letterpress printing
  • Die cutting
  • Perforation
  • Corner rounding
  • Envelope lining
  • Sewn or crafted borders/elements
  • Wedding suite collation, packaging and mailing
  • Digital pre-flight including file management, conversion and imposition
  • Coming soon: screen printing!

Vendor services:

  • Hot foil printing
  • Embossing
  • Duplexing
  • Binding
  • Graphic design
  • Calligraphy
  • Edge painting
  • Laser cutting
  • Vinyl cutting

For Designers and Event Planners: Clandestine Press would love to work with you! We love and encourage long-term relationships with designers, event planners and destinations providing event ephemera such as menus, place-cards, favors and signage. Bulk and frequency discounts are available. Shoot Meredith an email (meredith@clandestine-press.com) – she’d love to brainstorm with you!