As part of our ‘whole enchilada’ philosophy, we offer design, illustration and pre-flight services either as a part of a larger letterpress project, or as standalone services.

Clandestine Press can often accommodate design projects in-house, but we also work with a variety of amazingly talented local graphic designers. Your design project will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Don’t worry- we’ll find just the right person to handle your design needs!

Some things to think about before you send us an email asking for “something kind of modern but kind of retro with a textured feel somewhere between an elephant and a hurricane fence, using only fonts with serifs”:

  • The more detail you can give, the better! – Vague design instructions translate to full artistic license on our end. While we love to use that artistic license, we also want you to get the final product that you’ve been dreaming of! Things like color swatches, photographs, fabric bits and doodles can really help us wrap our brains around what you have in mind. Think ADJECTIVES! Don’t be afraid to get really creative/deep, the emotional feel of a visual work is a real thing (it says so on my college diploma) and knowing how you’d like your custom piece to come across can help us hone in on other design elements.
  • Do your research! – Pinterest is basically the best thing since Nutella for designers. If you love it – pin it, sort it and send it our way!
  • Be ready for revisions. – The first thing we send you might be exactly what you’re looking for, but probably not! While research and details help immensely, part of the process is an evolving conversation between the client and the designer. Designs usually take upwards of a week to complete, but are totally worth it!

Meredith also offers hand illustration services – her drawings have made their way into greeting cards, tattoos, business logos and commercial advertising. Shoot us an email if you’re interested! Most illustrations are easily converted into a digital format for reproduction.